Phlebotomy Students Visit Catholic Health Systems

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Real Life Experience, by Elizabeth Swanson

Elizabeth Swanson doesn’t just teach phlebotomy at BCAT, she makes sure our adults know what working in a lab is like. She recently toured Sister’s Hospital with the students, and this is what she had to share. As the Phlebotomy instructor at BCAT, I wanted to give my students not only an inside look at a laboratory environment, but the opportunity to network with each other and the staff at the lab. Last month, our 12 phlebotomy students toured the lab at Sister’s Hospital. The goal of the tour was for the students to see how the lab is operated, and allow them the opportunity to identify areas within the lab that they may want to work when they graduate. The tour was such a success, and sparked so much conversation among the students, and hopeully will create meaningful professional relationships for years to come.

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