Youth Arts & Technology

Digital, Fine Arts & Technology

From painting and illustrating, to producing original production content, there’s a great tuition-free arts and technology program to meet every BPS and charter high school youth’s interest.

Adult Workforce Development


The BCAT model gives our adult learners the opportunity to not only receive training and academic education, but also professional development and a dedicated support system to help them navigate their new journey.


Limited-Edition, Reusable Tote Bags

This summer, six young BCAT artists set out to help solve a big problem in our community. The group, aware of New York State’s efforts to reduce the environmental impact of plastic bags, knew that creating fun, durable and reusable canvas tote bags would help our community and the environment at the same time. The artists worked on designs that are meaningful to them and appealing to the whole community.

BCAT StephenGabris14 460x295 1

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