Cornell University High Road Fellow Leaves His Mark on BCAT  

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Cornell University High Road Fellow Leaves His Mark on BCAT 

For the past several years, BCAT has had the priviledge of having a Cornell University High Road Fellow join our team during the summer months. This program was created by the Partnership of Public Good.

This summer, Sam Curtis, an incoming junior, and Industrial and Labor Relations major at Cornell virtually joined our team to help us develop a more “out of the box” recruitment strategy for our youth arts & technology program.

He became a High Road Fellow after learning about the program through the Cornell Career Services Office and applied during the winter of last year. He said that he chose the High Road program since it allowed him to enhance his knowledge of economic and education policy while also having the valuable opportunity to make a direct impact on the Buffalo community.

Through his work with BCAT, he learned about the integral role BCAT plays in shaping both education and career pathways in the Buffalo economy. Through Sam’s research, he believes the greatest future opportunities for BCAT’s youth and technology programming is developing a greater presence in Buffalo Public and Charter High Schools and engaging with arts instructors.

I asked Sam what he wanted people to know about BCAT and he said, “I want people to know that the center is a unique place where Buffalo residents of all ages can participate in programming that will teach them relevant skills and shape their worldview.”

Thank you for your contributions Sam, you will be missed!

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