Hybrid – Landscape Maintenance Technician

In collaboration with Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy (BOPC), and generously funded by KeyBank in partnership with The Riverline, BCAT will offer our third year of study for adults residing in the city of Buffalo.

The Hybrid – Landscape Maintenance Technician program offers remote classroom instruction and paid in-field training program. Learners will be able to attend class remotely and earn up to $1500!

The 60-hour course will include 30 paid hours of remote (online synchronous learning) instruction offered, followed by 30 hours of in-field training and a paid internship.

25 spots are available with full scholarship for students and current landscape employees!

Adults who are accepted into the program will receive a scholarship that will cover 100% of the tuition, books, and work boots.

Hybrid – Landscape Maintenance Technician Curriculum

Classes begin February 5, 2024 and will end March 29, 2024 and will be held three times a week (Monday – Wednesday 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM).

Classroom: 4 Weeks

30 Hours

Course #1:  Safety and First Aid for Landscape Professionals

3 Hours

Course #2: Turf Installation and Maintenance

3 Hours

Course #3: Pest Management

3 Hours

Course #4: Plants and Planting

3 Hours

Course #5: Tree and Shrub Maintenance

3 Hours

Course #6: Turf Equipment Safety and Maintenance

3 Hours

Course #7: Landscape Equipment Safety and Maintenance

3 Hours

Course #8: Irrigation System Components and Maintenance

3 Hours

Course #9: Winter Maintenance and Work Orders

3 Hours

Course #10: Workforce Readiness

3 Hours

In-Field Training: 1 Week


Course #11: Field Supervision & In-Field Training

30 Hours (1 Work Week)


60 Hours

Hybrid – Landscape Maintenance Technician In-Field Placement

Focused on Landscape Maintenance Technician Work Areas and Skills including:

  • General Routine Maintenance – Park upkeep and debris pickup, park surveillance and vandalism management; Safety, first aid, playground and park amenity inspection
  • Turf Maintenance – Mower operation in a landscape setting, with weedwhacker and other small machinery operations, plus recreational field support
  • Garden and Bed Maintenance – Seasonal garden maintenance, watering and mulching, with plant and weed identification, planting and weeding techniques
  • Tree Care Maintenance – Tree planting, chainsaw safety, and limb and stump removal/cleanup
  • Horticulture / Greenhouse Growing – Annual seed propagation, transplanting, growing and care, and compost production
  • Equipment Maintenance – General tool and equipment maintenance and fueling, equipment cleaning and storage, and park vehicle inspection protocols
  • Work Order and Volunteer Management – Supervision and oversight of volunteer groups, with volunteer safety, health and COVID policies

Contact Krista Berry at 
for more information about registering!

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