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The Buffalo Center for Arts & Technology greatly appreciates every investment given by individuals in the community. 
It takes the community’s support to keep this center thriving.
Thank you!

Shop BCAT Merchandise

Show off your BCAT pride with a limited edition canvas tote bag ($15 each) or a BCAT hoodie ($25 each).

This summer, six young BCAT artists set out to help solve a big problem in our community. The group, aware of New York State’s efforts to reduce the environmental impact of plastic bags, knew that creating fun, durable and reusable canvas tote bags would help our community and the environment at the same time. The artists worked on designs that are meaningful to them and appealing to the whole community.

The bees represent BCAT youth – testing their boundaries, discovering their way, and buzzing around frenetically (as teens do). Each cat represents the BCAT staff – a watchful eye, a guide for the future, and a calming presence.

The wish of our young artists is that you use this bag all over town – to help do your part for the environment and to show off your BCAT pride.

Purchase a Bee Cat limited edition tote bag today! A portion of the proceeds from each bag sold will benefit our young artists at BCAT.

*Please note, at this time, only pick up at BCAT (1221 Main St. Buffalo, NY 14209) is available.

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