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Youth Arts Program

Honor Code

Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology (BCAT) is an organization built on shared values. These values teach that hopefulness and freedom have true meaning when we agree to respect one another, embrace learning opportunities, listen with the intent to understand and shape solutions to problems. More than a collection of studios, BCAT is also a community that defines itself through culture. Such a community cannot survive and thrive without mutually respected guidelines that ensure the safety and productivity of its people in an environment where they can work comfortably together.

These guidelines require community members to be aware of and assume responsibility for their actions and their effects on others. Members of the BCAT community uphold these ideals in our studios and during all related activities with students, regardless of where or when they occur.

The Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology Honor Code only succeeds when community members uphold their shared guidelines with diligence and rigor. Each student enrolled in BCAT’s Youth Arts Program must review and agree to follow this Honor Code.

  • I will arrive on time, attend regularly and participate in all course activities.
  • I will always receive permission before using a cell phone, mp3 player or other electronic device.
  • I will use time productively and work to the best of my ability.
  • I will respect persona privacy and property of peers, faculty and staff.
  • I will respect tools, equipment BCAT facilities and grounds and use materials wisely.
  • I will socialize in community spaces only during schedule studio breaks.
  • I will respect the BCAT environment and others in the building by speaking quietly in hallways and avoiding running or horseplay, etc.
  • I will refrain from tobacco, alcohol or drug use and understand that violation of this rule may result in immediate suspension from BCAT programs.
  • I will avoid eating and drinking in the arts studios.
  • I will remain with the class until the bus or my ride has arrived.
  • I will always consult an instructor before leaving the group for any reason.
  • I will act as a role model by demonstrating the BCAT values of “Respect, Listen, Embrace, Shape, Learn, Influence.”

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