From the Out Here, 2020

From The Out Here is an experimental documentary film created by the Buffalo Youth Media Institute. Utilizing free and open-source applications, Kyle Everette, Patricia O’Sullivan, Timiyah Curry, Tyler Everette, and Zahara Morrell weave together five meditations on topics such as mental health, federal discretionary spending, ignorance, and healthcare. The film was developed during a four-week virtual intensive, making it both a reflection on and a product of our current world. Pointing to an uncertain future, the filmmakers ask themselves, “are we the answer?” Special thanks to Lead Teaching Artist, Jesse Deganis Librera, Support Teaching Artist, Kaitlyn Lowe, and Teaching Assistant, Breanna Roberts. Established by Squeaky Wheel in 2005, Buffalo Youth Media Institute works in partnership with the Buffalo Center for Arts & Technology to build social capital through the cultivation of critical thinking and 21st-century skills, such as innovation, digital literacy, and collaboration. Through videos, lectures, critiques, and hands-on demonstrations, youth producers work with Squeaky Wheel’s lead teaching instructors to learn digital production skills and create self-directed projects. Buffalo Youth Media Institute summer intensive is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and Simple Gifts Fund.

An Exploration in the Everyday

By BCAT Photography Class

This summer, 12 young artists embarked on a 4-week photojournalism course that taught the technology and techniques used in producing photographs and digital imagery.  This hands-on program incorporated activities useful in discovering the fundamentals of photography by exploring a wide range of topics from photography styles to camera functions and post production editing. As part of the curriculum, youth attended three field trips with Explore Buffalo where they learned about, and photographed, key Buffalo landmarks.  In addition to photography lessons, the young artists learned financial literacy from SEFCU and work readiness through the Mayor’s Summer Youth program.  The youths’ capstone project was the development of a portfolio and participation in BCAT’s virtual showcase. The show, titled, “An Exploration in the Everyday” documents the beauty that can be found in the ordinary, while using their newly learned photography skills. 

Participating artists: Aluel Athian, Arianna Hooks, Claire Rider, Delonte Frisby, Dre’Ahnna, Jason Gadley, Jr., Nalaya Robinson, Nikeisha Jones, Raihan Khan, Savio Desouza and Zubaya Pathan